BNT Staff

New Providence 

  • Eric Carey, Executive Director
  • Lynn Gape, Deputy Executive Director
  • Astra Armbrister-Rolle, Director of Development
  • Urmie Braynen, Development Associate
  • Katrina Cartwright, Membership Officer
  • Raquel Rolle, Development Administrative Assistant
  • Dominique Hepburn-Martin, Grants and Projects Administrator
  • Antone Barrow, Website and Graphics Officer
  • Karen Panton, Director of Finance and Operations
  • Daphne Brooks, Bookkeeper
  • Lavanda Rahming, Accountant
  • Shelly Cant-Woodside, Director of Science & Policy 
  • Lindy Knowles, Senior Science Officer
  • Scott Johnson, Science Officer
  • Agnessa Lundy, Marine Science Officer
  • Giselle Deane, Assistant Science Officer
  • Cameron Saunders, Deputy Park Warden
  • Anwar Rolle, Deputy Park Warden
  • Kristoff Francois, Junior Park Warden
  • Portia Sweeting, Director of Education
  • Juanita Munroe, Environmental Education Officer 
  • Steffon Evans, Education Assistant
  • Clare Adderley-Sands, Education Officer 
  • Alexiou Brown, Education Officer  
  • Dorcas Miller, HR and Operations Officer
  • Alera Smith, Human Resources Assistant
  • Jack Atillus, Retreat Gardener
  • Gregory Rolle, Security Officer
  • Sylvan Monestine, Security Officer
  • Kim Iturriaga, Custodian
  • Steven Wright, Deputy Park Warden
  • Detoro Bethel, Garden Staff
  • Davion Wallace, Garden Staff


  • David Knowles , Chief Park Warden
  • Kaderin Mills, Office Administrator
  • Marcus Davis, Deputy Park Warden


  • Steven Smith, Andros Park Warden
  • Leslie Brace,  Education Officer and Operations


  • Falon Cartwright, Preserve Manager, Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
  • Camilla Adair, Deputy Preserve Manager, Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
  • Ethan Freid Phd, Levy Preserve Botanist
  • Arlington Johnson, Site Supervisor
  • Hermane Exament, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Jason Moxey, Preserve Attendant
  • Omar Micklewhite, Preserve Attendant
  • Alvanna Johnson, Office Assistant


  • Henry Haley, Park Warden
  • Cherry Elliott, ECLSP Office Manager
  • Kendedo Marshall, Deputy Park Warden

Grand Bahama 

  • Lakeshia Anderson, Director of Parks
  • Lisa Wildgoose, Office Manager, The Rand Centre
  • Sharon Campbell, Office Assistant
  • David Cooper, Deputy Park Warden, Lucayan National Park
  • David Clare Deputy Park Warden, Rand Nature Center
  • Ellsworth Weir, Deputy Park Warden


  • Henry Nixon, Inagua National Park, Senior Park Officer/Warden
  • Randolph Burrows, Inagua National Park, Deputy Park Warden