Bahamas National Natural History Conference

12/10/2012 10:28:51 AM

Final Announcement

March 5th - 8th
A Conference Highlighting the Importance of Research, Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship in The Bahamas


1.- Introduction and Aims
The mission of this conference is to create a forum for natural scientists to present their work to each other and the Bahamian Public and to build relationships that encourage interdisciplinary research and conservation in the Bahamas. Going forward, this forum should inspire new avenues of research and cooperation across disciplines while highlighting the benefits of research to the environment, economy and human society of The Bahamas.

1.1.- Scientific Committee
Dr. Ethan Freid (Botanist, Bahamas National Trust)
Dr. Dion Hepburn (Chairman of Department of Life and Applied Science, College of The Bahamas)
Dr. Mark Hixon (Professor, Department of Zoology, Oregon State University)
Dr. William Mackin (Lecturer, Guilford College)
Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega (Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden)

1.2.- Organizing Committee
Mr. Eric Carey (Executive Director, Bahamas National Trust). ecarey@bnt.bs
Dr. Dion Hepburn (Chair, School of Chemistry, Environmental and Life Sciences, The College of The Bahamas). dhepburn@cob.edu.bs
Ms. Regina Smith (Conference Coordinator, Bahamas National Trust).
Ms. Predensa Moore (Science Research Officer, Bahamas National Trust). pmoore@bnt.bs
Ms. Vanessa Haley-Benjamin (Director of Science and Policy, Bahamas National Trust).

Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega (Professor, Florida International University and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden). ortegaj@fiu.edu

1.3.- Contact Details
For more information call or email The Bahamas National Trust at (242)-393-1317 or bnnhc@bnt.bs

2.- Tentative Conference Program

For questions about schedule and conference logistics please contact Ms. Vanessa Haley-Benjamin (vhaley-benjamin@bnt.bs

2.1.- Tentative Initial Schedule

The initial and tentative program for this first announcement is found below. We anticipate each talk to last for 15 minutes. There are places where lunch can be purchased near the College of the Bahamas.
  • Monday, March 4: Arrival, Early Registration & Poster Set-up
  • Tuesday, March 5: Registration, Conference Opening, Presentations, Welcome Reception  
  • Wednesday, March 6: Conference Opening and Presentations
  • Thursday,  March 7: Presentations
  • Friday, March 8: Presentations, Closing Remarks and Reception
  • Saturday, March 9: Post-conference Field Trips
Click here for Detailed Conference Schedule
Click here for Program at a Glance Document

Important note:
Field trips are depending upon numbers of participants. Based on that information we will provide further details
1.- Eleuthera: One day trip featuring the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
2.- Andros: One day trip focusing on Blue Hole National Park
3.- Inagua: Four day trip focusing on the Inagua National Park and Wildlife
4.- New Providence: National Parks    

2.2.- Potential Themes
We anticipate to accommodate activities of the conference in six different journeys. These activities will include lectures, roundtables, poster presentations, plenary, and workshops. The six journeys are:
  • Marine
  • Terrestrial
  • Species
  • Biodiversity
  • Protected Areas
  • Sustainability & Stewardship
We also plan to have activities and displays focusing on Conservation Cinema and Live Organisms

3.- Conference fees/registration, accommodation, abstract, poster, proceeding guidelines, visa requirements
3.1.- Conference Fees and Registration
There are no conference attendance fees. We are aiming for the general public to also attend the conference; therefore the event aims to have strong community and outreach components.
To register for the symposium please email this form with the saved file name and subject line as: "'Last Name' BNNHC 2013 Registration" to bnnhc@bnt.bs (Registration Deadline: February 26). We also would appreciate to receive details of the hotel where you will stay. Please indicate in your registration email if you would like to deliver a talk, organize a roundtable, facilitate a workshop, submit a short film, or present a poster. Click here for Conference Abstracts (updated February 25, 2013).

3.2.- Accommodation

There are no hotels near the College of The Bahamas or the Retreat Gardens. However, there are several hotels along W Bay Street and Bay Street where you should be able to find accommodation.

Potential hotels
British Colonial Hilton (Number One Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas) Phone: (242) 322-3301
Towne Hotel (40 George Street,  Nassau, Bahamas) Phone: (242) 322-8451
Nassau Palm Hotel (West Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas) Phone: (242) 356-0000
El Greco Hotel (West Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas) Phone: (242) 325-1121
Nassau Junkanoo Resort (West Bay & Nassau Streets, Nassau, Bahamas) Phone: (242) 322-1515

There are also several hotels near the airport but transportation from this area to Nassau is expensive.
3.3.- Schedule for Transportation between hotel area and College of the Bahamas/Bahamas National Trust
Transportation services during the conference for International & Domestic Participants will be provided by one of our Corporate Sponsors, Majestic Tours. Please be advised that we are asking all attendees that are utilizing the bus service to meet at the Hilton Hotel to be shuttled to and from the Conference site. Please view the attached document (click here) that reflects the location of hotels in relation to the bus pick up site. Below is an outline of the transportation schedule with pick up times:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
  • 7:30am pick up Hilton Hotel Main Entrance to Performance Arts Center Main Entrance, Poinciana Drive (Entrance opposite commonwealth Bank)
  • 5:30pm pick up from the Harry C. Moore Library (Side entrance, Thompson Blvd) with drop off to Bahamas National Trust, Retreat Gardens, Village Rd.
  • 8:30pm Pick Up from BNT Retreat Gardens, Village Rd. with  drop off To Hilton Hotel Main Entrance

Wednesday, March 6th 2013
  • 7:30 am Pick up from Hilton Hotel Main Entrance with Drop off at Performance Arts Center, The College of The Bahamas , Poinciana Drive (Entrance opposite commonwealth Bank)
  • 7:00 pm Pick up from the Harry C Moore Library  (Side Entrance, Thompson Blvd)  with drop off to Hilton Hotel, Main Entrance

Thursday March 7th 2013
  • 8:00 am Pick up from Hilton Hotel Main Entrance with drop off to the  Harry C Moore Library, The College of The Bahamas ,(Side Entrance Thompson Blvd)
  • 6:00pm Pick up from the Harry C Moore Library  w/  drop off To Hilton Hotel
Friday, March 8th, 2013
  • 8:00 am Pick up from Hilton Hotel w/ drop off to the  Harry C Moore Library, The College of The Bahamas , (Side Entrance Thompson Blvd)
  • 4:00pmPick up from the Harry C Moore Library( Side Entrance, Thompson Blvd)  with   drop off To Hilton Hotel Main Entrance
  • 6:30pm Pick up from Hilton hotel Main Entrance with drop off at BNT Retreat Gardens, Village road
  • 8:30pm Pick up from BNT Retreat Gardens with  drop off to Hilton Hotel Main Entrance
3.4.- Abstract and Poster Guidelines
Abstracts of posters and lectures from speakers should be sent by email to the conference organizing committee (bnnhc@bnt.bs)  before January 15th 2013. Each abstract should have a maximum of 250 words. Abstracts will be posted in the website of the symposium as we receive them [Click here for Conference Abstracts (updated February 25, 2013)]. Posters should not be more than 3 feet (121 cm) wide by 3 feet (121 cm) high. We are not accepting any additional abstracts.

3.5..- Visa Requirements
A passport is required to travel to the Bahamas, but visa is not needed for American Citizens and Legal Residents. Click here for further details concerning visa requirements. Citizens from countries listed in this document require a visa to travel to The Bahamas.

4.- Current News and Conference Highlights

Click here for Conference Flyer
Click here for Conference Abstracts (updated February 25, 2013)
Click here for Detailed Conference Schedule
Click here for Program at a Glance Document

Lunch in the College of the Bahamas area.- All participants are required to purchase their own lunch during the conference. We have created a Reference Map of various eating locations, along with sample menu and average costs for you to use as a guide (click here for details). For any questions you may have during the conference, please visit the registration/information tables located in the Performance Arts Center and The Harry C. Moore Library.

Important note: We are not any longer accepting any additional abstracts.

Updated: February 27, 2013


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